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Sitebildz features–For SERIOUS online marketers!


Sitebildz is the new software application created by Joe Russell, the  “SeNuke” developer, and it’s designed to bring together every conceivable aspect of affiliate marketing into one super powerful application.

To be really effective in online marketing you need a lot of different skills, and a lot of time to research, develop and monetize sites. That’s not to mention the costs involved for hosting and the continuous admin required to keep them all up to date and fed with fresh content.

These issues are why many in Internet marketing never manage to make a profit, and why others find it so hard to scale up their existing website empire into a serious money making enterprise.

Sitebildz was built from the ground up to specifically handle all of these issues.

To put it it bluntly. If you are competing in multiple online markets and you don’t have Sitebildz?

You probably aren’t making anything like the return on your time and efforts that you should.

Affiliate marketers have the potential to make huge sums of money – if they can control all the aspects of niche research, keyword targeting, website creation, onsite optimization, domain name sourcing, hosting costs, monetization and adding content and value over time.

Sitebildz handles all of this – under one roof and for one small monthly payment.

And better still it’s completely free to get started!

If you’ve read this far I’m guessing you have one question.

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How can I get in on the action?

How do the serious affiliates take their share of this enormous pile of cash?

Affiliate marketing and selling of physical or electronic products on behalf of other businesses makes literally hundreds of “dollar millionaires” every year.

It gives tens of thousands of people just like you, the chance to quit their day jobs and create their own wealth. A real career option adding real value!

People just like you making real money online. People who can then quit their 9-to-5 and leverage their everyday skills to take a cut of this enormous and ever growing internet marketplace.

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So why isn’t everyone doing this?

The biggest hurdle that newcomers face is overcoming the need for technical knowledge when setting up their websites.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Even veteran affiliates have, until now, found it difficult to build and control the large network of sites that are usually needed to create real life changing online wealth.

Now, thanks to Sitebildz, creating as many sites as your business needs to sell as wide a range of products and services as you can imagine is child’s play.

Let’s take a close look at Sitebildz, then at the great lifetime bonus we offer for subscribers through Slippery SEO

What is Sitebildz And How Does It Work?

Sitebildz–A Simple To Use Tool For Serious Affiliate Marketers

Sitebildz Gives You Profitable Markets.

From the very beginning Sitebildz holds your hand.

The niche research and competition research modules will tell you whether a market or product has profit potential. Using world-class established competition and analysis tools available at SEMRush, The user will have all the information needed to make an informed choice.

  • What keywords or phrases have the potential to make profit?
  • How much do businesses pay for clicks?
  • What is the competition level?

It’s all given to you as part of the Sitebildz package.

Before you even begin to build a site you will have all the knowledge you need to know whether the niche or keyword you have chosen have the potential to make profit.

You will know what competition you face and what products or services you could sell as an affiliate.

SEMRush LogoThis knowledge is real power. It is the cornerstone of good affiliate marketing. Sitebildz offers you a head start by giving you the best and most up to date information directly from the market leader in internet market analysis: SEMRush.


Sitebildz Deals With Domain Name Selection And Registration.

From directly within the application you can buy a domain from a growing number of sellers. Once set up, having the ideal domain name is just a couple of clicks away. It’s all handled by the application. Your choice of domain name will have an impact on how the search engines view your site. Sitebildz will offer you a choice based on the keywords you have chosen, and you can then buy the most appropriate name with the click of a button

Up To Unlimited Hosting.

Don’t want to deal with hosting and DNS settings? Perhaps you don’t even know what DNS means and what the settings are?

It doesn’t matter. Sitebildz deals with all of this “under the bonnet”. Dedicated hosting is included as part of the subscription. A couple of clicks and your domain is securely hosted. No need to deal with name servers, IP addresses, FTP or anything like that.

WordPress Installation.

WordPress is the leading content management system and blogging platform for the Internet. It is the pack leader for a reason. It is the best and most adaptable web management system available. It is regularly updated, secure and offers the sort of flexibility that no other CMS comes close to.

Sitebildz will install WordPress, but it doesn’t stop there. Depending on the options you choose it will also install and completely configure a range of plug-ins designed to optimise your new website to attract maximum search engine attention.

Site maps, tags and categories, meta data and canonical structure of your new website are all handled seamlessly. The end result is site that is 100% SEO optimised.

Ready to start generating cash.


Content is king. You’ve probably heard this phrase. Sitebildz offers direct application calls to some of the biggest content providers on the Internet. They also have their own team of expert authors available for hire or, you may prefer simply to add your own articles or posts.

No matter what method you choose, adding your articles, images and videos will take a matter of moments


Once configured, your website will be able to offer you a choice of monetisation options through Amazon, Clickbank or Google’s own Adsense.

A choice of products or services related to your keyword or niche complete with you all affiliate code will be placed in the exact best position on your webpages. This will give you the best possible “click through” and profitability.  More affiliate partners are going to be added in the future!

Need I say it again? It’s all done automatically.


Onsite SEO is vital, but it’s not all about keywords and meta data. Many professional websites costing thousands of dollars make some elementary mistakes.

Font size, header tags, footer links are just some examples of where small errors in design can dramatically reduce both the websites ability to rank highly in the search engines and also adversely affect the number of visitors to click through your affiliate links or buy the products you are promoting.

While Sitebildz offers a massive degree of customisation options, whatever ones you choose you can rest assured that the site you end up with will be optimised both for visitors and for the search engines.

The development team behind the application have many years experience of SEO and continue to develop and adapt Sitebildz so it always stays up-to-date with what ever is currently best practice.

You need never worry about changes to search engine algorithms. The team of experts who design and update Sitebildz have been in this field for years. Joe – the main developer – is behind world leading AAA link building application SENukeXCR.

These guys know what they are doing!

Scaling Up

Imagine you have one website and it makes to all three dollars a day.

Perhaps you have an adsense block and that makes you 20 cents per click and you get 15 or 20 clicks.

It’s a nice feeling for sure, seeing the money build up “on autopilot”. It took so little effort and requires virtually no maintenance. It’s a nice – but small – extra income.

But it’s probably not going to change your life is it?

So why not scale up?

Sitebildz allows almost unlimited scaling. What does this mean?

Imagine if you had 50 of these websites?

Each one as expertly made as the first. Each one with exactly the right product for the niche and keywords you’re targeting. Each one bringing in a few dollars a day.

Now, instead of making $100 a month you’re making $5000 a month!

That’s the power of Sitebildz. You can create as many sites as you like (subject to your level of subscription) and scale your profits accordingly. Even the highest subscription level  – which allows the hosting and control of unlimited websites is incredibly affordable.

One Application To Host, Build And Control Everything.

Once you have a network of sites each bringing in a healthy profit you will come across an issue that most serious affiliate marketers face. The need to control your huge and profitable website empire.

You’ll soon wish you had a simple integrated interface. Preferably one that does everything from design, hosting, content, SEO and administration.

If you’ve read this far down, you can probably guess what I’m going to say next.

Sitebildz does it all;

  • Add or delete sites
  • Schedule new content to be posted (excellent for Panda proof SEO)
  • Check your visitor metrics
  • Change your monetisation options
  • Check the health and availability of every website
  • Review your competition
  • You can even sell your optimised sites (Siteflipping) through site builds sister application “Sitebidz” which links directly to Flippa and many other domain auction facilitators.

Of course there is no need to make just small single product sites. The application allows you to create as large a network of sites as you like and to each site to be as big as you want it to be. No matter what sort of affiliate you’re planning to become, Sitebildz gives you the flexibility and power you need.

You’ll see many offers on the Internet selling you “snake oil” and “bullshine”. Not this.

Sitebildz is the premier front-end application for serious affiliate marketers. It performs all the actions that anyone serious about making cash online will have to perform at some time or another. Of course you can arrange your own hosting, buy your own domain names, do your own technical site setups, perform your own content research and optimise your websites on your own.

You could even develop your own administration system for when you have dozens or perhaps hundreds of affiliate sites in your empire. You could do all this, but with Sitebildz available to do all this work for you at such a low cost compared with its potential profitability why would you?

Check out the range of price points starting at under $47 a month (for UNLIMITED live and hosted websites) and only $97 per month for a subscription which allows you run unlimited daily searches and discounts for the included  “Appbildz” products, keyword searches and a 50% discount on all auction listing upgrades (for site flipping).  Absolute power and control.

Yes, you read that right

Hosting included for up to unlimited websites

Sitebildz has an option for every pocket.

Sitebildz is set to become the essential control application for serious affiliates. With the ease-of-use needed for newcomers to online marketing and the power and affordability that veteran marketers will simply not be able to resist. If you are serious about online and affiliate marketing you will need Sitebildz.

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What About A Bonus?

This was a tricky one. Sitebildz is a very comprehensive product, it does almost everything a budding affiliate needs in terms of creating a really powerful online empire of sites. Where could we add value.

A discount would be nice. The developers sensibly decided that they do not want to devalue Sitebildz and have even banned their affiliates from offering “refund” discounts.

If you see anyone offering these – be warned – they will very likely lose their affiliate status with Sitebildz and then may not be in a position to deliver on their promises to anyone who has signed up through them.

Let’s Take A Look At The Best Sitebildz Bonus

For All new Sitebildz sign ups we have several bonus items

Getting your new site indexed!

Simple To Use Indexing ToolOffsite SEO is something most Sitebildz users are going to want to start pretty quickly. Our first bonus is a great indexing and soft backlinking application that runs on autopilot. Just load in the URL’s (pages) you want to get indexed, and press go.




SEO and Marketing Advice

Blue Hat LogoBlue Hat Demon SEO is the most up to date and reliable source of information for internet marketers. Updated at least every 12 weeks, this easy to read Ebook offers you the best advice for getting your fantastic new Sitebildz websites promoted and earning as quickly as possible. It is packed with discount vouchers for other offers should you decide to expand your SEO activities and promote larger sites or in tougher niches.




Free Membership to DemonSEO Private SEO Forums



Scritty’s private members forum is a meeting place for serious affiliate marketers and SEO experts. Full of more free offers. PLR, link lists, tutorials, SEO tools. An ever growing resource of quality tools, content, links and advice. You will be entitled to “Gold Membership” that will give you 100% access



Sign up today – and start your affiliate empire with Sitebildz!


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New subscribers, please follow this link and fill in the short form to get access to the members bonus.

For the members who signed up before the bonus offer changed and were eligible for the previous SERPBUDDY membership – please use the same form and quote the last 3 digits of your sales number and we will honour this deal.



Sitebildz News And Reviews


SitebildZ is the new application from the people that brought you SENuke, SENuke X and SENuke XCR.

It has already been released for early adopters and testers, and you can see our “Let’s Play” for this great new application by watching the video below or clicking here to find out more.

“Let’s Play” Sitebildz Introduction Video

Our Introduction “Let’s Play” for Sitebildz. More coming soon

We now know, for instance, that Sitebildz will run alongside a specific internet auction application known as SiteBidz. From the latest video released by the developers, we also have learned that it integrates with the major site flipping websites – We can guess that Flippa is one of them, but details are still under wraps at the moment.

We can also confirm that SiteBildz itself is designed to do a number of activities essential for affiliates looking to build and promote a site.

  • Niche Research 
  • Keyword Research
  • Domain name sourcing
  • Free Hosting
  • Detailed web design
  • Automatic “Push Button” implementation of web design
  • Onsite optimization
  • Content sourcing through professional authors or internet article scraping and re-purposing
    Imagine having an idea of a product or service you want to sell or market and being able to have a website up promoting it within minutes?

Visualise a business where your main aim is to be creative and have ideas while all of the technical work is done for you by a super powerful application made by some of the most trusted and reliable developers in the whole SEO market?

But as more details are made available it’s become apparent that putting up a website is only scratching the surface of what SitebildZ can actually do for you.

Niche Research

Do you want to break into weight loss?
Thinking of selling financial products?
There’s a lot of money to be made in these niches.

But there is a problem. it’s a well-known fact that they are extremely competitive.

Let’s take a step back and think about that for a moment.

Doesn’t the phraseology and terminology used in these niches change often?

What about grabbing an opportunity using SitebildZ to be the first in. An “early adopter” for whatever meme or sub-niche arrives next?.. Think about these example..

  • 10 years ago had you heard of “currency trading”?
  • Who five years ago had heard of the phrase “payday loan”?
  • Who four years ago had heard of “multi car insurance”?
  • Three years ago “spin classes” for fitness were virtually unheard of.
  • Two years ago “military fitness” was a new phenomena.
  • 2012 saw the introduction of the “Six o’clock diet”. A phrase never heard of before. A phrase that is now making those who did their niche research early and jumped in and created good sites and great affiliate deals based on the term -  tens of thousands of dollars a month. Mostly on autopilot!


Could you, with your great business ideas be the first to jump on these new and emerging terms?

With accurate and specific niche research carried out for you by a tool as powerful as SiteBildZ you could be ranking high for the next big thing even in these ultra competitive markets.

And of course these are just two of the literally thousands upon thousands of possible niches you could choose from. In fact these are probably just the toughest.

Keyword Research.

These days you’ll hear the phrase “the money is in the long tail”.

While this is often true, It also true that there is a profit to be made in many other areas such as being an early adopter for a very specific product.

But how do you know where these products are?

How do you know what long phrases will lead to profit, and which ones are just for “window shoppers?

Keyword research gives you the answers to these questions and let’s the affiliate marketer make the right decision when choosing which niche to build websites in.

Competition Analysis

“Look before you leap” is a very sensible term in any form of business. Before investing large amounts of time and money on building sites and creating an on-site and off-site search engine optimisation plan, it’s vital to assess the strength of the competition for those all important page 1 spot in Google and your other favourite search engines.

Competition analysis is a balancing act. The potential profitability of any niche or key phrase balanced against the amount of effort it will take to rank highly for that same phrase.

What sort of Internet an affiliate marketer are you?

Many marketers make a small fortune from “nickel and dime” sites created for very low competition phrases. Others prefer to make large authority sites and put a lot more time and effort competing for more profitable niches.

Keyword research carried out by SitebildZ will give you the information before you commit any of your resources to a particular niche.

It’s no surprise that experienced affiliate marketers will tell you that accurate and timely keyword research is the cornerstone of any form of Internet and affiliate marketing. SitebildZ gives you the tools you need to make the decisions that are right for you and your marketing strategy.

Content Creation

Once you have a site, there is another well-known truism that becomes more and more important every time Google update their algorithms.

Content is king. Highly optimised on-site content – and lots of it – is increasingly the way to be successful in Internet marketing thus supplying your visitors with the information they searched for and presenting them with the exact product they are looking to buy.

Good website content is about building trust and adding value. It’s about being a portal for visitors and potential buyers. Being the missing piece in the puzzle which gives the consumer the confidence to buy the product or service your website is selling.

Of course the content also needs to perform a second function and this is something else on SitebildZ impressive list of specifications…


Highly contextual content is also needed to tell the search engines exactly what your site is all about. To make it absolutely clear what words or phrases you are attempting to rank for and to convince them that your site has the authority and presence to gain a spot on that elusive first page of their directory.

Coupled with content creation, SEO performs the task of satisfying both the potential visitor and the algorithm that any particular search engine may use to decide on your site’s position your research keywords.

An effective affiliate marketer will need to perform all of these actions regularly to start making money on the Internet and eventually make a full-time living out of. If you’ve tried in the past and failed you will know the steps all too well, and may even have a good idea where your own particular stumbling block is

  • Do you find content creation difficult?
  • Do you think you may have chosen the wrong keywords in the past?
  • Do  the technical hurdles you need to overcome to create a site taking you too long to understand or too long to implement?
  • Would you struggle to even know which niche would be profitable to begin your affiliate marketing career?

These are the common problems faced by all affiliate marketers. Everyone who is successful in the Internet has to overcome these, and between them they probably represent 80% of the effort required to be successful.

Of course SiteBildz is not a “golden bullet”. But with this application at your side, turning your own great ideas and inspiration is into a firm and long-lasting profit stream now requires far less perspiration to go with your business inspiration.

SiteBildz! Imagine not being constrained by your lack of time or technical skills?

You are a business owner. You live on your ideas, your market savvy, your ability to delegate or take the appropriate action. You create opportunities, you are in business to create wealth.

With SiteBildZ at your site -  You have the idea  – SiteBildZ makes it a reality!

Sitebildz as an application will deal with domain registration, DNS settings, hosting and WordPress setup.

Domain Registration is the part of the process where you actually buy a domain or URL for your website. e.g “”.

Traditionally having a term or phrase which alludes to the product or service that you’re planning on marketing has held some benefit here. While there was some levelling off of this benefit in late 2012 it is true to say still that having a domain name which is easily recognisable as relevant to the niche or market you are in still has a great deal of importance.

Hosting is the allocation of the actual web space where the site that is associated with your domain name will reside. In other words “where the internet stores your website”.

Here it is not yet apparent if SiteBildZ will allow you to choose your web host or whether the application already has inbuilt links to a specific host or list of hosts. I’m sure more details will follow soon. Hosting is included we are told, but is it through a set portal or is there choice?

DNS Setting. Although you have bought a domain name (see above) the Internet actually sees your site has a list of numbers and dots. The DNS settings converts this abstracted number back into the domain name you have chosen and ensures that visitors are directed to the correct site. Sometimes tying this up yourself is not as simple as it may seem. “404” pages and errors can occur if this is not done correctly. We are assured that SitebildZ will do this for us.

WordPress Hosting. WordPress is the most popular CMS or “content management system” available on the Internet today. With around 7 million sites using this versatile and powerful content management system, WordPress has proved its value time and time again in the Internet and affiliate marketing community.

It is now possible to create sites that look so far away from their original blogging roots that it would be virtually impossible to tell them from professionally designed websites that cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop.

Better still WordPress is updated regularly by a dedicated team of developers and allows users to add content and multimedia elements quickly and optimise their site to a system of plug-ins which can greatly add to the functionality and enhance SEO.

So this is what we know so far about SitebildZ. In the next few days we will learn more about site flipping and how certain Internet marketers make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year’s buying and selling websites.

We now know that Sitebildz will be in partnership with at least one other major innovation. Sitebidz.

As we have promised before, here at SlipperySEO, we will look to offer the best long term SiteBildz bonus possible. Also, if it is possible with the way the monetization is set up, we will offer the best SiteBildz discount as well. There really will be only one choice for internet marketers looking to make money from high quality affiliate sites or to promote and resell sites through site flipping with Sitebidz. SlipperSEO will be the authority and powerhouse for these applications and will keep on top of any new ideas the developers add in the future.

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