How Do Backlinks Actually Work

Offsite SEO seems to revolve around the careful and ethical accumulation of backlinks pointing not only to your root domain but, importantly, also to each individual URL of your website.

Consider each backlink as a vote from another webmaster. Sitebildz is more than capable of creating sites that benefit from these backlinks, but don’t overdo it – A tool like SENukeXCR could create hundreds of thousands of links in a very short space of time, but that really isn’t the best way forward.

Targeting your links and content to sites that actually want and are asking for it is the best method. Having a wide array of targets and using Sitebildz to create sites that are built specifically to answer the needs of people searching for the term in question. Create links to these Sitebildz sites, and have your content and links actually welcomed by the webmaster is the most ethical way forward.

Anyone who studied or started a Search Engine Optimization campaign for a website has surely stumbled upon the term "backlinks". What does it mean and how do they work is a question that naturally comes into mind. Knowing why backlinks are important may make your SEO campaign a fulminating success or a disappointing failure.
Establishing and maintaining a relationship with fellow webmasters who are actively seeking your content and welcome it is called White Hat SEO and is vital for your sites performance in the search engines

How do backlinks work? – The importance of backlinks

To put it simple, backlinks are one of the cornerstones of any efficient internet marketing strategy, along with other elements such as quality content or intelligent website design. Backlinks are, in essence, links that direct visitors and search engines towards the main website, the one which is the subject of the SEO campaign, namely your site. They are also called inbound links and are used by search engines to rank a certain website according to the quantity and quality of the backlinks it receives.

To better understand the significance of acquiring a large number of high quality backlinks, it is necessary to try to understand how search engines rank results in search queries. Search engines, for instance Google or Bing, rank websites considering the number and quality of backlinks.

The number of inbound links a website has is a sign of its popularity and importance across the world wide web. While acquiring a massive amount of inbound links from a wide variety of websites will help in the short term, thus creating exposure for the website, the other thing to keep in mind is the quality of the backlinks. When you have a website linked to a high quality and authority website, search engines see this as an approval link. This means that the authority website endorses your website and, thus, your website will benBacklinking to Sitebildz sitesefit from search engine exposure. Also, inbound links directing visitors to your site from a website with related content are considered higher value than backlinks coming from unrelated websites. For instance, if your website is about garage doors and has inbound links coming from the website of a major garage door producer, it will rank highly in terms of quality and relevance. On the other hand, if the same website has backlinks coming from a medical practitioner’s website, it will look badly to search engines, as there is no relevance to garage doors, your website’s domain of interest. So, although the number of backlinks is essential for search engines, the quality of these is even more important.

Another thing to keep in mind is the speed in which backlinks are created. Search engines love when inbound links are created over time, slowly, and naturally. This means that there shouldn’t be spikes of massive numbers or long dry periods. Building quality backlinks consistently is a daunting task and this is one the main reasons why search engine algorithms use them as important factors for search queries results.

Do SItebildz Sites Offer Good User Experience

Backlinks are very important for visitors also. When a website is new, you can’t simply expect visitor to come flocking in without something directing them. Creating a system of links from other websites which already have many visitors is great idea, as some of them may land on your website. The link exchange strategy works best for this, with webmasters providing a link to another website and vice versa.

Make sure, when you are creating links to support your Sitebildz site or Sitebildz network that you keep the user experience uppermost in mind. There is no point attracting a lot of interested visitor traffic only to have them leave your site immediately due to the poor user experience you are offering

On the other hand, special attention must be paid in case the backlinks relate to a bad website, for instance a website that was banned by certain websites. These links can do a lot of harm, even though apparently they are linking to websites with the same area of interest. An example of such sneaky tactics employed by some webmasters is link farms, which are a group of interrelated low quality websites that provide links from one to another, on different levels. These translate in a wheel-like system of links that simply connect to each other. All in all, one thing is sure: this tactic will not help in a SEO campaign and will only result in a possible ban from search engines.

Finally, a good idea is to keep track of your backlink creation campaign to any SItebildz sites you have created.. This will help you create adequate content and you will know how the anchor texts work in creating quality and natural backlinks. There are a handful of useful tools to help you with this, and most likely, the results will create great benefits to your website.


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